This page used to be my rant against DIVX (if you care to see what I had to say, CLICK).

Time has worked things out pretty well.  DIVX is no longer financially tied in with Circuit City.  20th Century FOX has finally begun to  release movies in the DVD format.  And there are some combo DVD/DIVX players on the market (although I wouldn't buy one on principle), however within two years, DIVX titles will not be able to be watched, because the service company is going out of business.   Blockbuster Video now rents DVD's along with several other Video Rental stores.   Target now sells DVD players and movies.  Microsoft (yeah, the big evil) is putting out some titles on DVD-ROM (Encarta Encyclopedia is available).  And my personal DVD movie collection has grown to 100+ movies.


I had previously said that this page was destined to die, however I may turn it into my DVD movie review page.  Who knows.