March 6th, 2013

Now this is real funny, 12 years to the day and I finally have a new post/update.
I finally got this website back online... kind of. Ever since I gave up the domain I've been trying to figure out how to get 2 websites on my current host, turns out that I had an access file in the main directory for the second domain which prompted for password access. Anyway, it's back online and it is not facebook, ha!
I think I'm going to call it a night since most everything is working, there are a few things broken. but no one will ever visit this site anyway.

March 6th, 2001

Wow, was has it really been that long since my last entry? Updates to previous ramblings: Second trip to New England, photos still to be posted (should be soon), Seattle trips are down, way down (So far I've only made one trip up there this year!), and Huzzah!! the DSL was finally fixed (December 18th or something like that).
The DSL turned out to be a couple of things, one being a physical connection problem was fixed mid December, the other issue was a wrong setting somewhere on there end, like I said all along.
Computer issues: I upgraded my server to a PentiumIII 600MHZ, 512MB ram, 80GB striped array. It was a bit of a twist because I had Small Business Server, and it doesn't really allow for a BDC, but I tricked it and got the upgrade working, the only thing I couldn't figure out was the Proxy Server settings (Internet connection), so I did the best thing, went with hardware... I bought a DSL router, works like a dream, truly my recommendation for geting multiple computers onto a single broadband connection.
Speaking of the router, I have finally managed to serve pages to the WWWfrom home, now I have unlimited storage (essentially), only thing is I only have 128K upstream which would be 128K downstream for you. So, I have some ideas about what I am going to do since I have full control of the computer. I think I will run my own guestbook since all the others leave something to be desired, I'm going to run it on SQL. I think I'll do some other SQL things since I can, stay tuned for the new features.
I also put together a new system for myself, it took a month to get running reliably due to the fact that the supplied bios had problems, but now it's rock solid and a screamer:
AMD 1Gz Thunderbird Processor
ASUS A7V Mainboard
512 MB PC133 memory
ASUS AGP-V7700 32MB GeForce2GTS Video
45GB 7200rpm IBM hard drive
16x Toshiba DVD drive
Creative Labs Live MP3 + 5.1 sound card
Cambridge Soundworks DTT2200 5.1 surround speakers
Soon to have a Philips 201P10 21" monitor (1600x1200@97HZ!)
So I'm really happy with my system right now. My laptop's getting a little slow though, although I did upgrade the hard drive from 4GB to 12GB and something in the upgrade cut the boot time to about a third of what it was.
Well, I'll make another entry soon, later.

September 29th, 2000

About a month and a half since my last entry here, and a lot has happened. Let's see, I completed the concrete portion of the retaining wall, actually did some stonework in creating the stairs there (much more stonework remains though), I am supposed to be cutting down my commute to Seattle significantly, should only be there about 2 days every two weeks (yea!), I bought a wireless video camera, modified it and put it into a remote control car for kicks, it was fun.
Okay, we actually pulled off the garden wedding for my sister, got the retaining wall in, levelled off the area above it, cleared out the rest of the area, and actually found enough plants to put around so that it did not look bare. Threw two sides of rib-eye roast on to grill to feed the crowd, it was one heck of a party! It was great to see brothers, sisters, and nieces. But i must admit, I am still trying to recover from the hard work that went into it.
Soon I will post photos of the second trip to New England in July, It is basically all pictures of New Hampshire, some great ones in there too.
I'm pretty much burned out after this week, more than a few 12 hour days, plus I should shut down soon so I can get into the restroom before they turn off the fasten seat belt sign.

July 16th, 2000

Pac-Bell... what can we do with them.  The DSL is still down, they don't know what the problem is, but the guy that came out today verified yet again that the problem is not here, it is either in the lines, or more likely in the central office.  The guy today mentioned that the current report for this repair order has grown to eight pages!  It's really a situation of fu**ed up deregulation.  The public switched telephone service is supposed to be open, but only the local bell has physical access to it, it's in their buildings and they don't let anyone else in.  If they would let other telco companies/ISP's in, I would have had a technician that could go down to the CO and find the problem, but as it is, now that he's proven that the problem isn't here, there is now an order for someone at the CO to check it out, and that won't happen for a few days.  There is no such thing as streamlined service where Pac-Bell is concerned.
Enough on that.  So I head back east to Massechussetts for training again, two weeks this time.  I'm always travelling. 
Okay, I've had it up to here, I'm using DreamWeaver to edit this web page, and I just noticed that it does not allow two spaces in a row (which is what is grammatically correct for the end of a sentence), and I cannot find a way to override it, I guess I'll have to put the HTML tag/code/whatever for a space in there in order to get two.  Okay, all done with that, I guess it worked.  I think I am going to quit about now, did more work on the retaining wall, still a lot to do though.  Later.

July 5th, 2000

A lot has happened since I last updated this, and some stuff hasn't happened.  I guess I didn't mention that my DSL was down, it's been down since the 20th of June!  Pac-Bell is (insert expletives of choice here)!  I have an external DSL modem and I lost sync w/Pac-Bell, either a bad modem or a problem in the Pac-Bell Central Office, I already checked and verified the wiring in my home.  So I'm upset, they said they were going to send someone out, so I took time off work and they pulled a no-show... then later that week someone from Pac-Bell called to see if they could close the ticket!  (expletive expletive) Pac-Bell!  Okay, so that's my Pac-Bell story and I'm sticking with it, hopefully I'll get them in this week and get it fixed.
That's one great thing, I'm taking this week off for vacation, as I look ahead at my schedule for the next two months or so, they're booked pretty solid with training and all.
I finished a next step in the retaining wall saga... actually got a 16' section of the wall poured, it's all ready for cladding, but there's much more to do, I really have about 40' more to go.
Today I cooked prime rib on the grill (my first time attempting prime rib period), and it turned out great.  It took longer than I was hoping and so I almost missed out on the fireworks display the city puts on.  I guess it took about 2.5 hours, but it was good, oh yes, it was good.  Uhm, I think that's all I will write tonight, so until next time...

June 25th, 2000

Okay, So Saturday is over, it's early Sunday morning, I mentioned in the June 14th entry that I had shaped rocks into blocks, and as I said it was labor intensive... I found a place that sells exactly what I need, and as far as I'm concerned, it is worth the price.  I've uploaded the pictures from New England now, so check them out.  Not a whole lot of stuff going on, trying to get ready to build a retaining wall, I did the foundation for it a few weeks ago, everything just drags on...   I think that's all for now, later.

June 21st, 2000

Ahhh, first full day of Summer.  I went for a little walk here in Washington after work, there's a nice park nearby the hotel, and the weather is finally getting kind of nice up here.  I've actually had sun this week.  Here this entry is the third update I've made to this log without uploading it to my page, hopefully I have this time.  The rental car I have this week has a dangerous problem, the gas pedal gets stuck when you mash down on it, this has occurred twice, the first time I just figured it was a freak accident, maybe related to debris on the floorboard, but after the second time it was clear there was something wrong with the mechanics of the gas pedal.   I have been a courier in the past and as such took driver vehicle safety classes, I was prepared.  I did not panic.  I recovered flawlessly.  Well, it is now late and I should get some sleep.

June 14th, 2000

I guess that last entry was kind of brief as well.  I have pictures from that Massachusetts trip, check them out.  Haven't had much inspiration recently.  I tried a bit of stone masonry last weekend,  I shaped three rocks into three blocks, it took three hours, a little labor intensive, but it's cool knowing that it can be done relatively easily.  I've improved my fire cooking skills, I finally got cooking a roast on the BBQ down to perfection, just the right spices, and just the right amount of cooking, delicioso!  I've decided there is no such thing as gourmet food, gourmet food only exists to the ignorant.  A gourmet chef is a whopper flopper trying to cook anything other than a whopper, the key word 'trying'.   Speaking of food, I had some great clam chowder while I was in New England, I had some clam chowder from the hotel in Washington that wasn't so good, but that was not the source of my reasoning regarding gourmet food.  I can't think of much else tonight, later.

June 6th, 2000

Whoa!  Those May entries were a little brief.  Well, I've been quite busy, not on this web page though.  Last week I went to Andover Controls (in Andover, Massachusetts) for training on their software package, all I can say is that it is very versatile and powerful, you can actually do stuff with it.  I'm not a storyteller, I over simplify everything to the point that it is no longer interesting.   Anything with electricity can be controlled by this stuff from Andover Controls, and anything can be used to trigger it, temperature, lighting level, time, humidity, motion, or simply another event

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