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Force Fields -

I started thinking on the idea of a force field a little over a year ago when someone posed the idea as something that could sell.   That won't happen for quite some time, if ever, but I just had some thoughts about how it could be possible.  Number one the type of force field I am thinking of is not the Star Trek thing that can hold air in and space out, although, in time... who knows.
first type would be generated by a nearly arcing electrical field similar to a tesla coil just before it hits critical and begins arcing.  If you could maintain this near critical state on a portal/doorway/whatever, whenever anything passed in the portal, it would lower the resistance (in ohms) between the sides of the portal, and an arc would act as a deterent, possibly lethal.
The other idea has to do with manipulating the chemical bonds of the air itself to create a barrier.  I don't think this would be accomplished with massive amounts of energy being applied to the air, but a possibility woud be some way of removing the energy from the air,  other than that maybe possibly manipulating the magnetic fields in a way to orient the air molecules to form a solid.  Probably more practical would be to introduce molecules into the air that are not normally present, but don't pose a respiration risk, that are easily manipulated between solid and gase state with some form of enerygy.  I'll have to think about this some more.

Black Holes - Theoretically speaking of course    (August 1999)

Black holes, breaks in the fabric of time and space, forces of gravity so great that even light cannot escape.  Where will I start?  First, it is currently generally accepted that nothing can exceed the speed of light.  I beg to differ.  If a black hole can exist (more on that later), the force of gravity exceeds the velocity of light, what do you suppose happens to the light going into the singularity, would it continue at the current rate (approximately 1' per nanosecond), or would it accelerate?  Okay, so I propose that one method of exceeding the speed of light is going into a black hole.  Another thing that strikes me is that 'for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction', So what happens when you shine two flashlights at each other?  Nothing measurable, Photons, mostly just passing in opposite directions, besides, our own gravity has an incredibly greater effect on the flashlights than the extremely few colliding protons.  We can't even measure the weight of light.  But consider, if enough protons could be concentrated into a non-expanding beam, millions of times more concentrated than a laser, we might be able to measure the reaction, moreover, if two such beams could be aligned against each other, and one could be held in place, the second being in a near zero gravity environment (zero gravity cannot exist in our reality since we ourselves contain a field of gravity) should reach twice the speed of light.  But back to black holes.  It is theorized that a black hole is a point, which by definition has no volume.  Yet a black hole, or singularity, since it is a single point, can 'swallow' entire star systems.  Since stars are made of matter, and matter must occupy space or have a volume, and a point has no volume, a singularity cannot contain any matter.  Therefore since it cannot contain any matter, it has no mass.  So if singularity exists, it must be pure energy.  Pure energy in this form does not fit any of the models we currently have, so, obviously it is beyond our comprehension.  There are theories that singularities are 'wormholes' to other parts of the universe, or even a whole different parallel universe.  Those theories try to make blackholes fit into our current understanding of the universe, but even so, how can entire star systems be pulled through a portal that has no volume.  I would suggest that we know absolutely nothing about the nature of energy, let's face it, we compare energy to rivers, merely a physical manifestation of a form of energy.  As far as we as humans are concerned energy is synonymous with electricity, which is merely a flow of electrons, but what gives the electrons the energy to flow?  Gravity is considered the weakest force in the universe, however it operates on a linear scale in proportion to distance, you can't say that about electromagnetic forces, the more distant you are from the source of electromagnetic energy, the more exponentially it does not affect you.  Gravity holds the universe together, and has the power to tear apart star systems.  In my opinion, at this time, I would say energy is synonymous with gravity, that gravity is the basic form of energy, and that all other forms of energy are actually derivatives of gravity.   To date we know of no anti-gravity force, all other forms of energy have a yin and a yang, but we have not found a yang to the yin of gravity.  Perhaps what we theorize as anti-matter is actually an anti-gravity, I mean, when antimatter comes into contact with it's counterpart, both forms cease to exist, therefore what gravity there was between them no longer exists.
I am not a scientist, I'm just asking questions, I am just trying to look at things logically.  So many things are presented as fact in the world we live in, that many people don't even bother to think for themselves.  I hope this stimulates you to consider just a few of the things that are presented as fact and think on your own.   Divergent thinking is a sign of intelligence, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Okay, some more thoughts on black holes/singularities, whatever you want to call them.  I was watching something on TV, one of these many cable channels, it was talking about time travel, there was also something else that talked of wormholes.  The thing about the wormhole/time travel scenario was they said it would require a massive amount of anti-energy to maintain a wormhole big enough for a person to pass through, I think the amount was equivalent to the mass of Jupiter.  Makes it sound pretty hopeless, doesn't it?  Well... Black holes warp time and space enough to pull in whole star systems, Imagine the amount of mass that is being pulled into that.  It's very conceivable that the required amount of anti-energy would be present at the singularity, which could open a portal to another part of the universe, time, or even a parallel universe.  No one knows for sure, I just take hypotheticals based on sets of rules people make up and then extrapolate those rules to the logical direction they would go if of course they are true.  I don't think I can write anymore at this time on this because the thoughts in my head are a bit disorganized.


Color by Black and White    (December 1997)

Talking Video Camera here.   Suppose you have a lens, behind the lens you have a prism, a prism divides light right?  Now suppose you place three black and white video cameras, one in the red range, one in the blue range, one in the green range.  You now have an accurate reading of the intensity of each of the three colors.  If you can assign an intensity value (0-255) and the color range it's in (red/green/blue), by combining the values of the three ranges with their respective intensity values, pixel by pixel, you have created a 27 bit color image (134 million colors).  The purpose of the first lense was to make sure each camera gets the exact same image. 

Now suppose that the intensity value is based on 0=no light, 255=full light.  Also suppose you put a fourth camera in the long wavelength range (infrared).  You can set a point at which you deem a low light condition (based on the multiplication of the three intensity values, this can be a hard value, of course you would have to average it over all the pixels plus several seconds or minutes, this would be a lot of calculations, but you could reduce that by making it a sampling.  Now when this 'low light' condition is met, you average the long wave camera pixel values with each of the color pixel values...  You now have relatively sensitive, low light color video.  Just something that popped out of my head, does it make sense?



If you have any lunacy that just seems to make sense, or other weird stuff, send me an email about your ideas, normal stuff is everywhere, but it's the truly insane stuff that stimulates the mind!


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