Big problems...

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There is one common denominator for most, if not all big problems... and that is that they were created by small, sometimes insignificant, things.  I have found that the best way to deal with a problem is to look for what caused it, and then deal with that.  I have also found that the worst way to deal with a problem is to try to deal with the effects of the problem.  The premise in this is that if you deal with the root of the problem, the effects will stabilize on their own.  If you deal with the effects, the problem is still there, and will continue to be in control, and it usually snowballs.  So it seems a rather simple truth, The only way to be in control is to deal with the cause, because if you deal with the effect, your problem is controlling you.

Where did I come up with this?  It was a divide by zero error message in a spreadsheet.