Protecting Freedoms (AKA: Politics)linelightning.gif (2273 bytes)

The biggest deal with protecting the freedoms that we despise is that by protecting those freedoms, we are not allowing censorship any kind of a foothole.  If there is precedent for censorship or bans, the content of what is being censored or banned will be based on what groups are in power and majority.    This is a very simple concept.  There are a couple of phrases that put it simply: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "what goes around, comes around".  These phrases infer the same meaning.  To me, therpolitical party that best represents these views of freedom happens to be the Libertarian Party.  The Republican Party and Democratic Party both perpetuate the errosion of freedoms, granted, my belief here is that the Republican Party is the lesser of the two evils, nevertheless, more and more laws are passed, and more and more freedoms lost.

I will write more later, I grow tired.