Okay, you actually clicked through to this page... Made you look!!

The reason for this nugget is that I used my server computer as a graphics workstation and a scanned photo (which I had edited) ended up taking 16 hours to print!!  I figured out what the problem was about 30 minutes into it.  I simply didn't have enough memory and I was stuck in virtual memory hell.   Why would this same process work better on a non-server machine?  It's simple, a server is already using a lot of it's resources just to "serve", which in my case includes print serving.  Having the file open used up all it's available resources, when I tried to print, it essentially sent the file to itself to queue for printing, which was obviously beyond the physical memory limit and into virtual memory hell.  This works better on a non-server computer because you send the print to your server which is only serving, and does not have a massive graphics file open, eating up all the available resources.  Makes sense, huh?  Later I tried it the other way, on a separate computer, and the photo only took 5 minutes to print.  So... never use a server computer as a graphics workstation, or if you do, make sure you have plenty (200MB+) of free physical memory, otherwise, you could crash everything.